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Sunday, March 5th, 2006
4:56 pm
So yeah this weekend I went snowboarding.
Ok fine fine... i'll go into the details :D. So my cousin and I went up to Summit, and I ate some chinese bread from the bakery in rowland heights (you know the kind with green onions and shredded pork stuff on it) and we listened to lots of good music, especially oldies chinese music. Mandarin oldies are very soothing. So at the top, it was pretty sunny at 3PM so we headed up to the slopes. My cousin was telling me about how his boots hurt, even though he spent like 800 bucks on them through a custom boot fitter. So up to the slopes we went
We started off doing the intermediate but I got cocky and started straightlining it down the "wall" black diamond slope... needless to say I caught a bump and did a flip and landed like 10 feet away as all my equipment fell off and left a trail of snowboarding gear behind me and my cousin was like "Hey its a garage sale!!!" and other boarders came by to throw my equipment to me. Other than that we were hitting the slopes pretty fast and doing mostly diamonds and trying to keep up with my cousin the skier. We also went to the trick side where I landed some jumps off the bumps. There was this one jump where i wasnt getting enough speed, so I overcalculated it and overshot the landing site after 5 feet of air and i landed on my butt, but my backpack with the scarf inside cushioned the impact. I just got back up and played it off haha.
We went to the village during dinner break and went to a restaurant called "Teddy Bears" which is supposedly good food. My cousin and I had pot roast which had bell peppers and potato slices as well as gumbo soup and on top of that my cousin decided to order onion rings (which came back to haunt us later on the slopes). But the food was good and came pretty quick, and back we were to the slopes. At night some of the lifts were down, so to get to the advanced slopes you had to go through the woods, which was pretty cool and dark. You could see the stars and the constellations Orion and the Big Dipper and stuff since the sky was clear, and it was very pretty.
I decided to have some fun so I went down the intermediate slopes dodging all the "leafers" and it was pretty fun, like a high speed obstacle course even though they tell us to slow down but Its fun dogding all the people.
Afterwards, I spent the night at my cousin's and we watched anime, like full metal alchemist and ghost in the shell stand alone complex GIG 2 which was really good, about some sniper and a team of special ops in the middle of a deserted rubblish city. I really want to download that episode now. Maybe i will hehe.
Woke up today, pretty sore, and went to the ARC, came back and went to Thai Spice with Phil. And when they say spice, they don't mean its not spicy hehe. I got medium and it tasted good on the first bite, but then the spicyness killed all the taste buds and I just tasted burning after that. It was curry chicken noodle. Eh maybe ill have the leftovers later but seriously the drink, which was 3.33 was the biggest cup of thai iced tea i have ever had. But i finished the whole thing of course... thats because the food is spicy as heck. I don't see how Azeem could have handled degree 5 "FIRE" spicyness when my medium was freakin hot already. Its time to look at dissected cat muscles, joy.

Current Mood: busy
Tuesday, January 24th, 2006
9:46 am
Welp... probably my last entry
Well... I have decided. To stop writing on livejournal. This has been the toughest days of my life, but I've started to grow and understand things.
I don't think I can update this anymore. At this point I can't rely on others to know what I'm feeling and make me feel better. I'm going to do it for myself. I have a bright future ahead of me, and people believe in me.

Thats why I am stopping my updates. I don't need it anymore, to make me feel better, I don't need to let people know how I feel because I am doing this for myself.

Thanks to everyone for the kind (and not so kind) words which helped me get through this. I admit, theres still parts of me that still feel pain. But overall, I am strong and I can get through this by myself now.
Take care everyone. You all know where I will be and don't forget to smile when you see me! :-P

Best wishes to everyone,

This is my last post so just call me or aim me to find out how im doing... thanks for the support everyone.
Sunday, January 22nd, 2006
12:03 pm
A dream I had
Welp today... my parents are coming to visit us which is nice. They are bringing some stuff over so thats cool, and hopefully we can have some lunch and hang out. Man I ate some tortilla chips right now and one of them stabbed me in between my gums and teeth and now its really sore. Even thouhg the chip is not there anymore, I still feel as if I have chip lodged there and it feels sore. It'll go away though.
I had a couple dreams last night, one I went snowboarding with some friends but for some reason the whole dream was about driving up to snowboard and I never got to snowboard really.
This morning I had a kinda nice dream, actually I don't think I've ever had this dream before. It was about marriage... actually it was the actual wedding. I bet anybody can guess who the bride and groom was huh? I was standing there, in a tuxedo, and looking around and it was anice cathedral type church so stereotypical to weddings but yet it was really nice with the stained glass windows in the back. I looked and saw all of our friends in the seats with our parents and families there. It was really nice. And then I looked at her and she was really really beautiful. And she was in a white gown and smiling... and her eyes were watery. We were already in the middle of it when I had the dream, and the priest was telling me to say my vows. So I started to say them, and I looked into her eyes and I started crying... well not really crying, but like tearing up and my voice was cracking. And tears were flowing down her eyes but she was smiling... and laughing too. I was like I can't believe this is happening.... it felt so nice. And I could tell she was really really happy... and then the dream ended. And I was like well thats too good to be true... maybe...
Thats like a torture dream I guess. When I woke up I was smiling and stretching, but then I realized that wasn't the case. BUt nevertheless I wasn't all depressed or saddened. I was just like its another day. I guess taking some time really cools things off... Each day that goes by it hurts less and less to think about the way things are. Thats just how feelings are.
I started thinking about what my friend Aaron said... about how his gf lost the spark. I thought about my parents, other married couples, and realized that no couple can have the spark forever. I wonder if thats what people want... that spark? Even if it won't last past a year or so maybe, and the only times it comes back is during an important moment or when one of the people get cancer then that spark comes back... but there are times when people rejuvinate or refresh their romance... like going to dinner or finding something new and spontaneous, like a sport or activity... new things to try with each other. Repeating the same things that the couple does sometimes lowers the flame burning inside. Isn't that how people fix things? Of course lying and playing games doesn't help that, but even without all that I wonder about people losing that spark even with a good relationship. I've heard of many cases of relationships mutually breaking off becauase they just lose the spark without even having problems.
But what is that spark? Whats good about it? I mean, you can't just reignite it during a long relationship, the people are too used to each other.... too used to old things... and theres just so many sparks u can have in the same relationship. BUt then again, if somebody wanted sparks all the time, they'd have to go through multiple pains and breakups just to get more sparks. A variable companion each time. Then there would be multiple sparks, and one for each new person. But sparks only last so long. Its when it goes away that is when you realize if you love somebody or not. Some people realize a spark but then go back to the person they love. And then there are those whose spark grows into a love, and the old love becomes a friend and memory of past good times. Are sparks important in a relationship? Its like trying something new, seeing what its iike to feel it again after being comfortable in a relatinoship that has lost its spark. So then how do married couples do it? After 5, 10, 30 years of being married, how do husbands and wives pull off being with each other that long because obviously the spark give or take 2-3 years won't last that long. Does love come into play here? Or tolerance, or social expectations. If there was no marriage in society, would everybody just change partners approximately every 2-3 years? Who knows, maybe that explains the United State's 51% divorce rate. Pretty depressing to think that 50% of US marriages end in a divorce in one way or another, because two people could't work it out or had other interests in mind.
So what does love have to do with spark? The two obviously don't have to overlap, since anybody can have a spark for somebody else, somebody that makes you happy, somebody that makes you feel special and warm inside. But once you get used to that person, do you not feel warm anymore? Do you expect them to say nice things and try to make you feel special, even though those things have stopped being special because you have gotten used to them and isn't the same as a new person doing it? What makes giving flowers to somebody special. Would it be special if their loved one gave it to them, or a random person who was interested gave it to them. What if they didn't have a loved one? Which random guy would be chosen over the other? The one to make them the specialist out of all of them?
These are really questions that can't be answered. If they did people would be able to keep relatinoships going. People would be able to endure struggles and hardships. But with such a short human lifespan, even though we learn and make mistakes, maybe its easier just to let go and move on. apparently a lot of people do it frequently.... does that mean they go through a lot of pain? Yes probably. But then they are happy more often... as opposed to somebody always being sad because they are trying to fix a current relationship.
maybe too many people are trying to fix things and not willing to let go. Maybe thats what causes pain in this world. If people were willing to let go easily, then happiness would probably be easier to find.
I don't know thats my theory as of now.

So right about now its really warm in my apartment. I can't believe im wearing a sweater, and at this rate I might have to shower early. But my parents are coming over, and I might sing them some songs I've learned, like the guitar and I also learned to sing the cantonese version of the theme to Once upon a time in China with Wong Faye Hong. Thats a cool movie, and the song is really tight. Heres the lyrics, very inspirational music:
defiantly laughing at ten thousand waves (= trials and tribulations)
with righteous ardour burning hotter than the sun
膽似鐵打 骨似精鋼
gall (=courage) forged of iron, bones (=character) of steel
胸襟百千丈 眼光萬里長
broad-minded and far-sighted
誓奮發自強 做好漢
I vow to exert myself to strive to be a hero
做個好漢子 每天要自強
to be a great hero, one must exert oneself everyday
熱血男子 熱勝紅日光
the zeal of a man burns hotter than the sun
I gather the power of the skies and the seas
to separate heaven and earth
that I might charge towards my ideals
看碧波高壯 又看碧空廣闊浩氣揚
look at the blue waves high and mighty,
and also at the blue skies broad and wide raising my spirit
as a man of determination
昂步挺胸大家作棟樑 做好漢
striding boldly with one's chest out, everyone should be a great man
(like beams holding up the nation)
用我百點熱 耀出千分光
use me to ignite a hundred spirits,
shining with a thousand rays
做個好漢子 熱血熱腸熱 熱勝紅日光
to be a great hero
one's zeal must burn with ardour
brighter than the red sun
I love that song... makes me wanna go run for hours in the sun on the beach. But then my'd swimming trunks would fall off and everybody would laugh at me.
Anyways, peace out.. maybe i'll update again later if I feel like talking to myself.

Monday, January 9th, 2006
10:46 pm
Interesting day
So day one of my revelation, not as much as I thought it would be but so far so good. I managed to get up and go to class and take pretty good notes for cell bio and disease. Interesting class since I had the professor Knauer before for pass/nopass class. He's a bright guy with a lot of knowledge to offer. Then I bought Jackie some Jack in the Box even though she asked for 2 tacos for 99c i bought 2 monster tacos just so that I can make her eat more. We hung out a bit and watched some Hercules disney on tv before she headed off to Art institute. Im really proud of her, shes like doing all these crazy things, graduate of UCLA, worked in opthomalagist and Dentists office, interns at nickelodeon and makes 20 dollars an hour working on animated stuff on photoshop from her room at home. Thats crazy.
Anyways, like Mike went ot an anime convention and got me a Lucus Klein from Gundam Seed and Destiny, and he got Phil a Ichigo from Bleach.Really nice of him. I am still doing well, haven't played a game for 4 days and going.
I went to IVC for anatomy and it was pretty hard surprisingly enough for a C.C, even one as small as IVC. Then I went back to Jackie's place and she drew me while I posed in my sleep on her bed. I made some pasta for Phil and Jackie stole some of the chicken which was actually her's but she left it in my fridge. turns out the chicken was the best part of the pasta, I threw away the pasta and ate only the chicken. I dropped a class because counting IVC i have 19 units, so I didnt want 2 more on top of that.
Anyways, I ate some pizza and worked out (30 pushups and 200 situps) and just waiting to see the change after a week. I can tell a little but I doubt I really lost any real weight even though I haven't been eating as much as I normally do (Im a pig normally loL).
Anyways, best of luck to everyone.
Monday, November 28th, 2005
9:25 pm
Finals are coming around the corner... I got this week off work at the pharmacy and I am studying for finals. Recently things have been good, been too lazy to update this. Apparently the 4 of us at 1576 have gotten into silkroadonline and are playing it like zombies (not good :-\).
Jackie has been sick recently, and I got really worried about her. Turns out it is the stomach flu so it should go away in a few days. I remember when i got stomach flu and it was very painful but there wasnt much i could do then. So Im just taking care of her right now when she feels sick. Hopefuly she will get better soon, she has finals coming up. I love her a lot. It worries me when I cant fix her problems.
Anyways, I got some work to do. Got some lab finals coming up.
Sunday, October 2nd, 2005
2:41 pm
Things looking good...
Welp, so far I'm taking 12 units+ 5 research units so thats like 17, so thats pretty good. I am taking virology, world religions, and molecular bio lab, so not too hard or easy. So far I've been up with my readings so thats a good sign. Have to do like a paper and lab report but those shouldn't be too bad if i put the time into it.
I've been working at a pharmacy recently for 8 an hour, which is not great but its good considering I don't do much there except get experience and learn things about pharm. My grades last year have been good so makes up for my first 2 years at college.
Hanging out with friends, going to the Arc to work out with Vince and my brother, going to my old roommates apartment to hang out (its like 10 feet away from my new one), going to my gf's place to hang out (which is also like 20 feet away from my apt), and just swimming and eating healthy ever since the doctor visit about my eating habits.
I've been doing research too, and seeing all the little kids playing and having fun an innocent makes me can't wait to have little kids when I have a family of my own. I also want little doggies too cause that would be fun, and maybe a garden in the back and something.
I got Jackie some roses for our 3 year and a half anniversary, it was like a dozen red ones, she really liked them.
Hopefully classes won't be tough for me as long as I study and keep up. My brother's birthday is tomorrow as well, so I dunno what to get him maybe I can delay it since he still hasn't gotten anything for my 21st bday hehehe.
Anyways, I'm out to go to library, eat curry and bread with Jackie and Phil, and maybe work out with Vince and then do some more lab papers.
Happy 3.5 years Jackie! Muah, love you lots.
Sunday, March 27th, 2005
12:53 pm
Yesterday we went to my cousin Maggie and her husband Michael's wedding, around 2PM so we could get there early. IT was the Maggie Wang and Michael Nguyen wedding, they met at UCLA during a research position. It was really cool how they stayed friends for a while and then got married after like 6 years or so maybe longer. My parents brother and Jackie went along.
We got there and the scenery was really nice:

So yeah, my cousin looked really pretty and her husband was really nice guy, she got her BA at UCLA just like her brother Allan and his gf Amy, and she went to Boston University for her Masters, and Ph.D at Berkeley. Now she is becoming a professor at UCLA in biology i believe. Her husband Michael is a M.D. (doctor). So thats pretty cool.
Here is a picture of the bride's side of the family:

from left to right: Cousin Cindy, Cousin from Taiwan (on Maggies' mom's side), Amy (Allan's gf), Cousin Allan is behind Amy, Cousin Jennifer right next to Allan, My uncle (Jennifer and Cindy's father), Uncle Steven (Maggie's father), Phil's face is cut off but thats my brother behind my UNcle Steven, my Aunt (MAggie's mother), Michael Nguyen the groom(my cousin in law), my cousin Maggie Wang (shes the bride btw), my grandma, Im behind my grandma, my auntie Alice, my uncle (Alice's husband), John is behind my uncle, my auntie Linda, my mom is behind my aunt Linda, Jackie my girlfriend, and my cousin David.
It was a fun wedding, the food was pretty good, there was open bar ("yeahhh open bar" says my cousin Dave") and we had a very good time and the scenery was beautiful. Best wishes to my cousin Maggie and her husband Michael.
I was dead tired after the wedding so i slept all the way home and at home.

Current Mood: calm
Tuesday, February 1st, 2005
3:16 am
This weekend
This weekend was a tiring one. This Friday, I took Jackie home after class and we grabbed a bite to eat at her parents house, some Church's Chicken. It was pretty good. We watched "Meet the Fockers" and that was a funny movie, funnier than the first one I must say. The humor in Ben Stiller's movies is in ur face type humor, and its pretty funny and makes u cry because its so funny sometimes. Then I went home to pick up some stuff and talk to my parents some before heading back to Irvine for research the next day.
I woke up around 8 or so and got to research around 9:30AM. Everyone had green shirts on so i felt like one of the kids so I sat there and played with them (actually they are like maybe 11-17 years old so its not really that little) and then I put on one of the shirts. The shirt is pretty nice, its a good quality shirt and says UCI child development center on it. So then we ordered some In N Out and then went outside to play football. I actually caught a lot of passes, and Tyler (on of the subjects) really had a good hand and he was like a quarterback for high school so we threw the football back and forth. Then we played some football and I made some pretty good runs. We then went in for some In N OUt but I was too exhausted to eat so i sat back and watched everybody else eat. Then I went to pick up Aniket and we came back and I sprained my ankle pretty bad. BUt i still managed to catch some really good passes in the game and ended up crashing into Jeff (one of the counselours) and we both caught the ball that tyler threw long. everybody said it was a great catch even the other team. Later, Luis and Taren the head counselours decided to play human foozball but it ended up with everybody kicking the ball into each others faces (mostly counselour's faces too so that was a bit painfull) but overall it was fun i believe. I got to be goalie and protect a lot of shots. Then Luis told me I could lead the game of Mafia. So we did, and I was a bit nervous because there were like 30 people in the room, counselours, the researchers, the subjects. So we headed off with 1 inspector and 3 mafia, and it was Preston, jonathan, and josiah all next to each other (1 counselour and 2 kids). Yeah i shuffled it pretty pretty bad. So the game went on for a while, it was fun accusing and some of the main counselours got into it too. Finally, 2 mafia eliminated, the last 6 people were all counselours. And then preston went on to win as the last remaining mafia. It was pretty fun. We then went outside to play hide and seek in the dark and I suggested we lock arms to make it more fun. It was pretty fun, and everybody was working together to get back ot the safe zone. Although I got a lot of mosquito bites, but me and aniket ended up picking up the kids and running with them anyways. By the time I got back I was exhausted, but me and Ashish heard about a fight going on on top of the student center parking lot, so we went to check it out, and i knew it wasnt really a fight just an anteaterforum meet but there were lots of cops up there, and an ambulance. So we met up with some of the AEF people and we just ended the night by going back home.
On Sunday, I woke up and I was really sore from Saturday of working. I was tired too. I worked a bit and then finished my extra credit paper for women's studies, then right when I was taking a break to play some video games Jackie caught me when she came in through the door. So yah, we cleaned Hamtari and she got lost for a while, but Jackie found her. We watched tenshi na konamaiki episode 44 and it was really funny. I managed to burn a few DVD movies too. Then my parents showed up and they brought some food for me (yay vietnamese rice with meat and sauce) good stuff. BUt we ended up going to dinner at Denny's that night, and I ordered a italian grilled chicken and Jackie got a pancakes with breakfast (we were supposed to get hawaiian bbq but it was closed). The food wasnt that great, but it was ok, so we tipped 1 dollar. We didn't even finish all the food or take it with us. When we got back, we hung out and played some games a little bit. It was pretty fun weekend, and Jackie left around night time.
I just had a parasitology midterm and it was pretty hard. Im a bit worried about that class now, but im gonna study super hard for the next one. its like 3:30 AM right now so im gonna get some rest.
I just wanna say happy 2 years and 10 month anniversary Jackie! (since Jan 28th) I love you a lot, muah muah. take carez ill see you this weekend.
Tuesday, January 18th, 2005
8:12 pm
So this weekend was pretty fun... Jackie me and Phil went home on Friday and just hung out at my house. The next day, we went up to the mountains to go snowboarding. It was surprisingly fun. This was me and Jackie's first time, so we were pretty newbie at it. We picked up Bi-Ying who is already a vet in snowboarding and went to Alvina's house, where Josh took us all up to Big Bear. At first we were stuck on the freeway, but we found our way up. It was really nice to see the scenery as it got more snowy at the top, and the roads seemed pretty slippery. but we made our way up there. There was a lot of people at the Big Bear mountain, and Im sure there was a lot at Summit as well. So Jackie and Bi-Ying and I went up while Alvina and Josh went to grab food. We got up to the top and Bi-Ying told us both to go down. So i went first and blam right into the snow. I got up then went down again and fell pretty hard. Jackie just kept falling lightly on her butt but she was going safe, while I was trying really hard to go fast, which really hurt! BUt eventually, we both go it after feathering a bit, then I started to learn how to carve and shift weight from heel to toe, which was pretty fun. I ended up going pretty fast, even crashing into Jackie at times. BOth me and Jackie tried to jump this one jump, and I fell pretty bad after landing, and Jackie nearly made it through the jump if she didn't start cheering at went face first into the snow hehehe. When she got up she spit out some snow and her snow goggles were covered with snow. OVerall, it was a fun day, and we were really sore at the end. We ended up having to wait 3 hours in the cold because Alvina and Josh got lost and went to Summit instead of Big Bear on their way back (the 2 resorts are 10 mins from each other). SO when we got in the car, the three of us fell asleep in the back of Josh's jeep SUV. It was a pretty fun trip, I had a lot of fun and so did Jackie.
Thursday, January 6th, 2005
1:35 am
First day of school
This weekend was pretty fun, I played poker with my family, then came back to Irvine with Jackie. We cleaned the apartment a bit, and then I set up my stuff. We went to boomers and played a lot of ticket games, came out with 195 and got Jackie a little pencil pouch animal. It was really fun, we went to the batting cages. A lot of the machines were broken but they gave us a lot of tokens. We also grabbed some pizza from Amecies which was good, a large with pineapple. Then we just hung out and cooked dinner and lunch for each other while hanging out with my roomies, playing video games and power pad on nintendo and getting tired, playing dudoch a russian game and a lot of activities. I also worked 4 hours for this research from Shire pharmaceuticals working with UCI child development.
Today was my first day, but I missed bio 143 because my roomie forgot to wake me up. But i got the notes anyways. I went to all my classes and took notes, it was a good first day. Jackie went back to UCLA to give her roomie Kat a surprise bday party. They had a girls night out. Meanwhile I just studied and took notes for cell bio and played a little warhammer with my roommates. We'll see how this qtr goes. hope you had fun Jackie love ya.
Saturday, January 1st, 2005
3:12 am
New Years!!!
Happy New Years!!! I woke up today to go shopping with my mom and brother at Cosco. Bought a lot of goodies, like a book light, some gelly pens for note taking, some shampoo, frozen pizzas and chicken strips, lots of romaine lettuce and parmesean cheese for salad, bread, etc... the good stuff. Then I went over to Jackie's and we went over to Arnold's house to celebrate New Years. We ate some food, played a game called that vs this, it was pretty fun, then we counted down to New years. Although this new years was ok... not as special as last year and the year before. I guess I'm pretty out of it since I marched the Rose Parade twice (if u must know it was 2000 and 2001 for the Honor Band). So yeah, walking through horse crap over 6 miles and 3 hours in the sun isn't that fun, at least it'll be semi cold for this years parade. SO me and Jackie kissed at midnight to celebrate the coming of 2005, which is a cool number i guess. I even went to Jackie's and gave her a back massage and fed hamtari her hamster. Then I went home, and I went to the Red Cross and donated 5 whole dollars! yea yea its not much, but hey its at least something. I dont have much money so thats a lot! Anyways, Ill be looking forward to school so I can get those straight As and head off to pharmacy school! Happy New yEar everybody! Love ya lots Jackie!
Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
9:50 am
Pretty happy today
YAY! Winter break! I am so glad I am finished with finals. its been a rough couple of weeks studying for finals. Our puppy mao mao is right now whimpering cause shes not allowed to go out of her spot in the kitche. Aw. Welp, Jackie is chillin with me this week, and we had lots of fun going to the mall and watching Ocean's 12 (which was a really funny good movie, I laughed a lot). We then grabbed Wendy's and bought some pet stuff for turtles and hamtari. So Im currently working on "cool phil's computer down" project with my dad, and I am looking at computer stuff. I recently bought a wheel from a UCI forum friend that didn't work much (pity it was a very good wheel) so now i have to return it. Hopefully he can fix it and ebay it or sell back :-D. I was gonna give to my dad for christmas but it dont work so maybe ill just check the stores sometime.
I've got all my shopping planned, and Christmas on its way! I also get to see all my cousin's soon: Dave, Maggie, and Allan. Thats really cool.
Oh yah I got a 115 out of 150 on the physics midterm, mean was 86 and std dev was 26 so i got like A- on the final, I had extra points going into the final so I ended up with an A in that class. I also got a B- in microbio which is really nice too! That really helps bring my GPA closer to pharmacy competitiveness sigh I hope I can get into pharmacy. Hopefully I did well in physiology and women's studies, although im not too worried about women's studies.
Still got 5 qtrs to bring my GPA to the MAX yo. Its time for 4.0s! Wowsa, I hope I can pull off a 3.0 cumulative total after this year. 2 more qtrs, IM READY FOR YA! And its before winter break too.
gonna spend some time with Jackie and my family and friends this winter break. Its gonna be fun.
Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004
9:39 pm
Eating thanksgiving dinner early
Its tuesday and Im having a thanksgiving dinner, courtesy of jackie and her roommates. I brought the caeser salad and jackie made pork chops, baked pasta, twice baked potatoes, and a lot of good food. Her roommates are helping prepare right now, and I am sitting here being the bum, even though I made the salad that I put the croutons in early and are getting soggy hehehe. Anyways, Im hungry, and about to eat. latez, thanks jackie smells good!
Monday, November 22nd, 2004
1:19 pm
My number.

You Are the Enthusiast


You are outgoing and playful - always seeing the happy side to life.

You're enthusiastic and excitable. You love anything new.

Multi-talented, you do many things well... and find success easy.

You prefer to keep things light with others. Opening up is hard for you.

Lookie at Jackie's Christmas tree at her apartment:
Sunday, November 21st, 2004
6:14 am
Damn. I have to repost everything. I just realized my computer clock settings were wrong and now I have to post everything again oh well.
This will be a shorter version as I am a little irritated that i didnt save the text.
This morning I woke up to change oil on the camry 2000, and I got there early to beat the crowd that gathers at the toyota dealership. I ate a bagel and coffee as I studied physics there.
At home, I went out to buy in n out for my mom and i and some cherry coke and regular coke from stater bros. It was 12 packs, 2 for 5 bucks, so i bought 48. Good stuff.
I had a talk with my mom which has been a while since I've talked to her, and my dad too about computer stuff. Its cause Im usually at school.
I decided to go back Sunday so that my parents could see me longer. Although they don't really see me the whole time im home, I guess they enjoy knowing Im home. My mom wants a maltese puppy and hopefully I can find one for her for Christmas. But how would I hide it? Hmmmm.
I took a 3 hour nap later, then realized that I couldn't make it to Jackie's house (SORRY JACKIE ill make it up to you). Then we had a talk online for a while.
The computer is coming together and i'm eager to get it built up. but takes time. Im saving up money so that I can buy a graphics card for my computer, this is the one I have my eyes on at the moment

Welp, its 225 bucks from newegg, but at http://www.buy.com they have it for 230 with free shipping and 15 dollar rebate for new customers. So far I have 100, but Ill have to find a way to get the other 100, selling my old computer parts?
Anyways, Imma go to bed its nearly 7 in the morning. I might just pull an all nighter because of my 4 hour nap, then try to hit the bed by 11PM today. Just now I read my horoscope down below and realized how accurately it portrays my personality. Some people's horoscopes don't match them, but I feel my horoscope really matches who I am, and I can say that 95% of it is right down to the bone of who I am.
Saturday, August 28th, 2004
4:17 am
Two days in Irvine
Yesterday, I woke up and needed to clean the turtle pen, but Jackie called and mentioned we were going to Irvine. So I packed my stuff, and got ready because we were going to swim at Vincent's place. So I head on out, and we grab a bite to eat at Costco since there was something wrong with the car battery on Jackie's camry. We drive there and I took a little nap. We parked the car, and while I was walking i noticed these different beetles mating. Lots of em. Reminded me of the time I was in New York and saw these green beetles in mating season on the leaves. There was a big orange abdomened one and a smaller black one and I assumed the larger one was the female carrying the eggs while the smaller one was the male, and they were all attached at the end of their posterior. But eh, there were lone ones too. So we walked to Vince's and we played Smash bros N64 which is really wierd, considering Im used to the gamecube one. My roomie Mike got me so competitive in smash that we even got to know some of the best players in smash including Ken. So we swam for a couple hours, playing marco polo and throwing each other in the pool, and sharks and minnows. I think we even got Vince while playing marco polo to grab an old lady in the pool, which i think was korean, but it was sooo funny. They both said sorry, but it was funny because she didnt see him and he grabbed her like she was Jennifer. So jen, jackie, me and vince later went out to get some sushi from Tenko's. The sushi was good, we got spicy california roll, spicy tuna, fried eel, and crispy tempura roll, along with a plate of teppera chicken and vegetables. It was really good, then we grabbed some ice cream at Rite Aid along with a group blood pressure check next to their pharmacy (ill be working in a pharmacy someday!). Later, we went back to my apartment and went to sleep, noticing the drinks in the fridge from the 8 stanford students that stayed at our apartment for 5 days this summer.
The next day, we woke up and got some cheese, chicken and broccoli sandwiches (I tried to make fried macki or some kind of indian noodles but I couldn't pull it off). We went over to Vince's again, we played card games like yesterday and at times we had funky names... rhino, hippo, bugle bee. babboon, etc. We played name calling, golf, and slap the number (egyptian rat race). We got in the pool again for a swim, then ate some in n out for dinner. when I got home, I had to clean the turtles (they smelled bad). But now they are clean, and I just installed xp pro and fixed my computer at home.
Saturday, July 24th, 2004
8:01 pm
My birthday
YAY! yesterday was my bday. I didnt really do much in the morning, July 23 that is. I also have the same bday as Jackie's friend Crystal, she turned 20 today as well. Which reminds me my neighbor Elton has the same bday and is always one year older than me, and my friend Billy from Patriots in New York has the same bday too and same age. Come to think of it, i know at least 10 people with same bday as me. Anyways, Jackie's bday was like 5 days earlier, so we were born pretty close. When Jackie came over, she gave me a Genzo Soga Plushie from the the anime cheeky angel or tenshi na konamaiki. Then she made me close my eyes and she put 2 moving things in my hands. Turned out to be 2 baby turtles! They are like 2 inches big each, maybe i can post pics up of them sometime. They are CUTE. Then I called up my old friend Will and he came by, and Alvina met us at Applebees. we had some steak and riblets, and at the end we got triple fudge brownie ice cream dessert, and Will treated me for my bday. Then we got home and played with the turtles some more. It was a fun day, I just got back to Irvine today after mom got scared because some salamander/gecko was running around the bathroom. So i threw it outside but it pretended to be dead until i poked it then it ran off. I visited phil's dorm which is nice, but i think laguna was a lot better last year. Hopefully he'll get one of the 3rd phase dorms from mesa court or middle earth, or at least a 2nd phase one. The turtles named Jakie and Allie were just currently eating their floating bars. Allie finished a big meal, and is now sleeping, but i think Jakie is a bit aggitated and he didnt eat much but is running about their little box. HOpefully he'll eat some more and maybe some mango pieces. Jackie is chatting to me right now so ill update this later.
Monday, February 2nd, 2004
1:09 am
Oh man such a weekend
So this weekend I decided to stay at school to study for ochem and econ. turns out I ended up studying econ the whole weekend, but it looks pretty easy so I think it'll be fine. I missed 3 in class essays so gotta make those up. Man studying for ochem is gonna be tough, and some people like my roommates have 3 midterms tomorrow. That really sucks. Im going to be doing a lot of ochem studying these next few days it means i have 3 days to study straight for ochem. And on that night I might as well pull an all nighter even though my class is at 1. When I read Bi-Ying's score on her journal, I was like WTF great job Bi-Ying! 111 thats like so far up there in the As. I remember last qtr I got a 91 and mean and std dev was 58 and 10. BUt I ended up getting a B- in that class because i totally bombed the next two tests. So yeah, this qtr will be different Ill get straight As for my midterms :-). Well, it should be ok if I get the right studying in there, but for me I need like a lot more studying than anyone else, plus ochem is ridiculously time consuming to practice. For me that is. Today, my parents came to visit me, and they brought food like dumplings soy sauce and new year candy. So great. They went to my cousin's hosue for super bowl and phil had our home to himself with his super bowl party and friends. I didn't get to see Jackie this weekend, but don't worry Jackie! I see you this weekend after my tough week is over. *sigh*. Midterms come so fast....
Love you Jackie! Muah.
Wednesday, January 28th, 2004
9:54 pm
Happy 1 year and 10 month anniversary Jackie!
Today is the 1 year and 10 month anniversary since me and Jackie started going out. Happy anniversary Jackie! Too bad we'll be studying for our hard classes now, and midterms are coming up soon. Don't worry I have a chocolate bar for you!
So studying has been taking up most of my time. I've been getting a good amount of sleep, and a good amount of studying done here and there. Actually this Ochem is taking up MOST of my time, and I really need this A to even have a chance at pharmacy school. I would really like to get into USC with Mike my roomie, but hes too smart and I probably won't make it. That's why I need to raise my grades. Plus I might be able to be closer to Jackie if I decide to go there, or I could also go to UC San Francisco, the BEST pharmacy school in the world. That way Jackie can go to Pixar Studios and work there. Well, lets not be unrealistic here, Im probably gonna end up in grad school at a regular college. I wouldn't mind going to a regular Pharmacy school. Just the tuition will be expensive. Dang. Well, I better get back to studying. Sorry we have to study for our anniversary Jackie! Ill make it up to you ok! Love you lots, muah muah. Yea yea im whipped. So yeah, back to Reaction of Alcohols with a thionyl chloride and Sn2 Reaction mechanism. Dang this stuff is overwhelming, and my test is next Thursday! Econ Midterm MOnday! Japanese midterm next week! Biochem Midterm the week after! OUCH! its hurting already and I have prelab and writup and 10 pages japanese due. As well as quiz on friday for japanese. Hmmm.... I get back around 5PM everyday to study. My brain is getting tired. I still have to do a skit in japanese as well, and extra credit for Ochem due tomorrow. OUCH. OUCH. Is this what I get for taking 20 units this qtr? Like every other qtr ive been taking? Wah!
Love you lots jackie, wish me luck on my midterms!
Monday, January 26th, 2004
6:25 pm
My palm reading results
Palm Reading Results
by rkwest.com

You have a good imagination, and often exhibit sensitivity to others.

There is a tremendous amount of intensity in your mental processes.

You are inclined to change your mind about things fairly often. This can make you seem very contradictory, since you are so passionate and sincere about each new idea you embrace.

You have so many interests that you may have trouble deciding which ones to pursue. This can make you seem very contradictory, since you are so passionate and sincere about each new idea you embrace.

There may be times in your life when you give in to feelings of sadness or depression.

You are naturally charming and inclined to be flirtatious. There are times when your emotions get out of control. You may need to learn more consideration for others.

Sometimes you may have trouble discerning between thought and feeling. There are times in your life when your emotions can rule your behavior. When you are feeling sad, this can distort your view of life.

Although you have ambition, you do not always exert the energy necessary to be successful.

Your high energy level draws people to you.

You have a basically strong constitution, and should enjoy good health most of the time.

There is a strong intuitive side to your nature, which may border on psychic or mystical ability.


Your sign is that of dramatic Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac, and the sign of generosity and nobility. It stands for self-expression and the unfolding of the internal power principle. Generous and self-aware, you are truly king of the jungle.

The Sun, defines the dominant traits of your personality and your basic character. This makes you a self-assured, magnanimous, and buoyant person who enjoys being the center of attention, and others often see you as invincible, because your courage and charisma are so impressive.

Your sign is the second of the fire signs, which makes you a strong-willed and courageous individual, with great leadership qualities. Your aura radiates magnetism and dignity like the rays around the sun.

You rule the fifth house of the horoscope, which is the section associated with pleasure, creativity, and play. This includes romance, children, gambling and speculation, hobbies, sports, fun and games. Your desire to live out your emotions is powerful, and you constantly seek new ways of self-expression.

The mode of a Leo is fixed, which means that you are passive in your need for admiration, expecting others to naturally notice and approach you. You enjoy stability and comfort, and are generous in sharing it with others.

Your strengths, dear Leo, lie in your open-minded and extremely faithful nature. You tend to act as the protector of the downtrodden, and when taking sides, most often root for the underdog. In relationships, you are sincere, genuine, and trusting, because you hold high ethical standards.

However, even you have weaknesses, dear Leo! At times, you have a tendency to become vain and egocentric, and get anxious and hypersensitive when you don't get the attention you want. If you are fishing for compliments and get a dissatisfying result, you compensate by displaying arrogance, and are very capable of delivering a grandiose and exaggerated performance.
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